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Apple Business Manager

Apple devices are highly rated and widely used by companies around the world. Benefits including the speed and stability of device operation, an effective ecosystem offering many facilities for business users, as well as a wide range of functions for administrators to provide and secure content on devices.

Apple Business Manager is a simple to use portal dedicated to business, allowing large-scale implementations of iPhone, iPad and Mac devices. Integrated with Proget, an IT department can provide devices with the appropriate configuration profiles to securely connect the device with the management system. After adding the device, applications and other work content necessary to get started will be automatically delivered to the device. The configuration profile provided on the device allows it to be run as a fully supervised device. All functions, applications and content can be configured and managed by the IT department, achieving the highest level of control and security.

Other functions:

Apps and Books

Apps and Books is part of Apple Business Manager and is a content management module, which enables the search, purchase and distribution of applications and books. All content can be tailored regionally but can also be shared with specific locations from one global account. This priovides access to applications dedicated only to specific areas and the purchase of licenses for individual company branches. Integration with Proget gives managers the ability to distribute, configure and manage applications. Using this capability restrictions can be placed on paid for content and allows installation of applications on business devices, without the requirement for a private Apple ID.

Custom Apps

Custom Apps allows the distribution of custom B2B applications. Such applications can be created for the company by independent programmers or external companies and can be immediately distributed to the appropriate devices using the Proget system.