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Samsung is one of the largest manufacturers of mobile devices in the world and is used widely for business applications. Created in response to customer requirements, Samsung Knox is a set of solutions for securing the device and data that is delivered to it. Integration of Proget with the Knox systems and services allows customers to enjoy the highest security standards for their mobile device fleet.

Samsung Knox can be divided into two areas:


Security built into the device that detects any violations of system integrity and attempts to break the security causing partial burning of the device. Permanently marking the given device as compromised. Such a device cannot be used as a business device, even in the BYOD scenario. Knox TIMA (TrustZone-based Integrity Measurement Architecture), is an architecture that allows keys to be stored in a container for signing certificates using the TrustZone hardware platform.


Security and additional services allowing extension of the managememt and configuration of devices. These include Knox Mobile Enrollment, Knox Configure, Knox Platform for Enterprise, Knox E-FOTA.

Other functions:

Samsung Knox Mobile Enrollment text

Free Samsung service that associates the device with the company and forces connection to the Proget system. It allows for the implementation of thousands of devices without the need for administrator interaction with the devices. The user can configure the device right out of the box using a simple installation process but cannot bypass enrollment in the Proget solution.

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Paid Samsung service that allows adaptation of devices for specialized use. It also allows imposition of company branding as well as basic restrictions on company owned devices.

Samsung Knox Enterprise text

License to extend the management of Samsung devices. When integrated with Proget, it adds unique features that are not available on devices from other manufacturers. Up to Android 10, it allows the creation of Knox Workspace containerization, which enables the secure storage of business data. From Android 10 it can be used to configure the Knox Service Plugin application through the Proget console, making it possible to increase the control of fully managed business devices (Android Enterprise - Device Owner) and devices on which the business space is separated from the private space (Android Enterprise - Profile Owner).

Samsung Knox E-FOTA text

The Knox Enterprise Firmware-Over-The-Air license allows the management of operating system updates on Samsung devices. By using E-FOTA in conjunction with Proget, the continuity of applications necessary to maintain business processes can be ensured, especially those based on advanced and dedicated custom applications. Any instability of such an application resulting from an operating system update can be a big problem for hundreds or thousands of devices. E-FOTA allows the testing of every patch and update on a test group of devices to make sure that every application works.